At CreativeIG, we provide a wide range of CCTV surveillance systems that fit all space environments. We provide CCTV installations including cameras, cabling, monitors, and accessories.

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With internet access via smartphones exceeding access via PC’s in the last few years, it is crucial to consider developing a smartphone application for your business such that your business is few swipes away from the user’s hands.

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Inventory management is a time-consuming mind-blowing job. And because of this, we have created solutions that turn this must-do activity into a smart one.

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Website design: A website is the first interface that represents the identity of the organization. It makes or breaks your image across your industry and can be your gateway to a wider market. We at CreativeIG have invested significantly in our team of web developers,

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We focus on employing the best in class people

Access Control & Security Systems

We understand that security and access control of your facility is a top priority to protect your valuable assets and irreplaceable data.

Datacenter/Server Monitoring System

Servers and Datacenters are extremely sensitive locations in any business facility. They are sensitive to heat, moisture, and other environmental conditions.

Attendance & Access Biometric Systems

Employees’ attendance records are important. But creating those records can be very hectic to businesses with a large number of employees.

Firefighting systems

Safety is our top priority in business, and we believe it is a top priority for you as well. We also believe that the safety of your equipment in no less important than the safety of your employees.

Disaster Recovery Systems

Data is becoming increasingly important for organizations. And data security is a must in a world full of unpredictable circumstances.

Power Solutions (UPS)

Uninterrupted Power Solution (UPS) is a critical service to any company that runs electrical devices, computers, and other I.T-related equipment.

Being the top I.T. Service provider is a right for everybody, but staying on top, is exclusively ours

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