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Data is becoming increasingly important for organizations. And data security is a must in a world full of unpredictable circumstances. We understand that business-critical data recovery is key to continuing your business as usual and reducing data loss events. To avoid such events, CreativeIG has made available different data recovery services such that your company’s data is always protected against system failures, human errors, or uncontrolled disaster events.

We offer the disaster recovery options that fit the nature of your business and the budget set for this essential data recovery solution. Systems that we offer can both work as preventive measure (before a data loss event occurs) or as a corrective solution (after an event has already taken place).
You can choose one of the following data recovery options to protect your business:
-Local recovery center (onsite)
-Private cloud solutions (cloud-based storage)
-Hybrid cloud solution (on-site and off-site recovery solutions)

These systems are our guarantee to you that your data is always protected so that your business is never threatened. Therefore –Like all other services- we take this service very seriously and make sure we are constantly in communication with you to monitor the data recovery process.