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Mass email campaign: Mass mailing is an easy and cost effective way to spread a word about services provided or campaign messages. We offer 250,000 targeted emails in Kuwait. With this email database we can assure you that your service, product, or message is delivered to large target audiences. The mass email campaign we design is the best way for reaching potential buyers or service users.

Campaigns are designed after a brainstorming session is made to find the best ways we can customize approaches to attract the audience and avoid sending those emails to the spam folder.

Pay-per-click Marketing (PPC): Using this type of modern marketing solution means that you’re only charged for advertising when your target audience is clicking to check out your ads. This cost-effective solution guarantees web traffic for your business through search engine advertising and puts your marketing budget into a very good use. CreativeIG helps you design the best web/search engine advertising campaigns that are so attractive to potential customers. We also provide ad activity monitoring service to assess the effectiveness of your campaign.

Social Media Marketing: In today’s business, there no escape from having a social media presence. Social media platforms are becoming the No. 1 marketing playground. And because we are aware of the value of social media marketing, we can help you capitalize on it. Our team of e-marketing experts knows how to design social media campaigns that will guarantee you the highest number of clicks, likes, follows, and shares on all social media platforms.
Just tell us who your target group is (age, interests, location, etc.), and we will do the rest for you.

Email over exchange online: Hosting email with Microsoft exchange: Modern organizations cannot run business without email access. And to have efficient email service within your organization and with clients, we are here to help. CreativeIG can help you transfer your on-site email exchange to online email exchange (cloud-based) that will enable better email exchange, better security, and less data storage requirements on the premises. CreativeIG provides Microsoft 365 exchange registration and migration services in no time. We do not only help you configure the email exchange servers, but also buy exchange licenses required for your business growth.