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Servers and Datacenters are extremely sensitive locations in any business facility. They are sensitive to heat, moisture, and other environmental conditions. The presence of excessive heat or high level of moisture will not only reduce the efficiency of datacenters, but can also result in extremely expensive damages. To avoid such losses, CreativeIG made available monitoring systems that aim at protecting some of your most valuable assets. We provide state of the art, Network based monitoring systems with 24/7 monitoring and protection against the three main threats:

Temperature monitoring system: with a network of precise heat sensors installed at critical locations around your servers, abnormal heat can be detected (temp. range -40 C° to +75 C°) and an alarm can be sent to an admin through automatic email or calling system to take action.
Humidity monitoring system: very low or very high humidity conditions are both harmless to your servers. A network of humidity sensors are installed around your servers for early detection of change in humidity conditions (records relative humidity levels 0 – 100 RH%). The system informs your admin of any change in humidity conditions that exceeds the threshold levels optimized for your specific server conditions.
Water leakage monitoring system: Like heat and humidity, water leakage is another devastating event when it happens around servers. To protect from water leakage damage, CreativeIG provides you with water leakage sensors (or patented cables) that are capable of detecting even the smallest amounts of water around server rooms and avoid losses.

All monitoring systems for servers are complemented with automatic alert systems that will send automatic alerts to authorized personnel at the time of detection to avoid damages. Alerts can be set up to send email, text messages, or automatic phone calling.