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Audio/Video conferencing system: In today’s ever expanding markets, audio/video conferencing is becoming a necessity to businesses around the world. This cost-effective and time saving solution is a valuable way to stay in touch with the team and keep an eye on work progress even when you’re out of the office. Audio and video conferencing can replace time-consuming business meetings and increase your productivity.

CreativeIG helps you set up audio and video conferencing systems that are easy to handle, full of conferencing capabilities, and of course, within your budget. Our systems use the best-in-class telecommunication equipment (Cisco and Siemens) that will never let you down.

LCD/LED screens installation: Whenever large display screens are needed for meeting rooms or reception areas, CreativeIG can find the best options for you. We provide large LCD/LED screens installations and connections to insure that your meetings are running with the highest technology capabilities and your external messages are in the best way conveyed.
Projectors/Smart board installation: Projectors and smart boards are becoming a must-have piece of equipment for meeting rooms, demo rooms, or training rooms. We provide a wide variety of projector models and screens that are optimized for the target space. We also provide smart boards of different sizes and designs along with supporting software that have excellent user experience history. Our team will help you choose the best configuration for your business.
Satellite installation: If your business requires T.V channels broadcasting, CreativeIG is ready to help with satellite T.V equipment installation and programing. We provide T.V broadcasting for businesses through the following setups:
• Centralized system

Our highly trained installation staff will guarantee the highest satisfaction for audiovisual solutions. They are not only experts in handling high-tech equipment, but they are also great communicators who believe that not all businesses are alike and can optimize solutions exclusively for you.