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Employees’ attendance records are important. But creating those records can be very hectic to businesses with a large number of employees. With the use of biometrics readers, creating attendance records becomes as easy as 123. CreativeIG provides a wide selection of biometrics readers that are sleek in design, durable, and cost-effective. The two main types of readers we provide are:

Biometrics attendance system: CreativeIG offers the best brands in attendance systems with unlimited features including but not limited to: camera enabled readers, facial recognition readers, announcements screens, and many more. We provide readers installation, programming, and maintenance to assure an up-and-running system at all times.

Biometrics access control system: We understand that your facility might include spaces that are of limited authorization to certain people. This is why CreativeIG helps you find the best access control systems from our wide variety of code and fingerprint readers. These readers can be programmed to only grant access to pre-set groups (e.g. I.T personnel access to server rooms) to guarantee the security of your business-critical assets.