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We understand that security and access control of your facility is a top priority to protect your valuable assets and irreplaceable data. To help you assure the safety of your facility 24/7, we have created a set of solutions that are customizable to your needs and budget. Whether you are a small business owner, an I.T manager, or a warehouse controller, we have the right solution for you.
Below are the security systems that we provide:

CCTV Security Cameras: At CreativeIG, we provide a wide range of CCTV surveillance systems that fit all space environments. We provide CCTV installations including cameras, cabling, monitors, and accessories. The cameras we provide are adaptable to each client’s environment and include five main types:

Fixed Cameras: Fixed cameras have a fixed location (usually visible indoor or outdoor) and a narrow angle range that suits large spaces or monitoring of a fixed spot. Fixed cameras can vary in size, shape, range, and budget.
Dome Cameras: Dome cameras have better angle coverage than regular fixed cameras and are better suited for spaces where 360° surveillance is needed. Dome cameras are discreet and are considered un-obtrusive to wall décor. It is hard to detect the direction which dome cameras are pointing to at any point and provide the ability to rotate, pan, and zoom for spot surveillance.
IP Cameras: IP Cameras are advanced surveillance cameras that can send and receive data via a computer network and the Internet. Data can be stored on in-premises DVR or on cloud storage that can be accessed technically from anywhere with proper authentication. This type of camera is best suited for business where I.T managers, bank or business managers require remote access to surveillance away from the office at all times.
HD Digital Cameras: High Definition Digital Cameras with the capability of night vision are suitable for businesses that require night surveillance or where imagery details are of a great importance (jewelry shops, museums, etc.). Data from these cameras is stored on DVR’s in the premises or can be accessed online.
Thermal Cameras: These cameras are used for activity detection for outdoor or indoor use in pitch-black environments and require minimum lighting conditions. Thermal cameras technology relies on human body temperature to detect suspicious activity while avoiding repetitive false alarms resulting from other moving objects in the surrounding.

Our CCTV experts are always ready to advise you on the proper system to use for your business while taking into consideration your business needs and budget. Our team is constantly ready to conduct training on the surveillance system before handing it over to your team to assure full functionality of our installations. Installation can be done in as short as one day and systems can be installed at any preferred time (during night time if secrecy is required for example).

In addition to installation services, CreativeIG provides regular maintenance services for CCTV systems to avoid interruptions to your surveillance and to guarantee a high performance level of all cameras at all times.