About Us


Creative International Group Co. (Also Known as CreativeIG), is an innovative Information Technology Solutions service provider. Headquartered in Kuwait City, Kuwait, CreativeIG provides services across all GCC countries. Our business is driven by employing the best practices we accumulated over our 20 years of experience in the IT investment sector. We pride ourselves by helping clients achieve maximum returns on their IT investments simply by understanding each client’s needs. We believe that in order to offer top-notch service, we have to spend sufficient time with our clients to understand the technicality of the task to be handled, and then match that with a unique solution of our design that fits the criteria sought after.

Our goal is focused on establishing long-term partnerships with our clients to not only continue in providing cost-effective IT solutions, but also guarantee maintaining a high level of service that will be the basis of the trust between us and them.

As we value quality in our services, we also focus on employing the best in class people. We invest in our people so that they give their best in serving our clients. Whether in sales, marketing, or IT each employee is highly trained to deal with complex problems, identify creative solutions and do what is best for the client.


Second to none, in innovative, quality, cost-effective, and Usable I.T. Solutions & Services.
Suggestion: Second to none in the industry, an innovative and cost-effective I.T solution provider worldwide.


CreativeIG is dedicated to excellence and to becoming a company that is recognized and respected by our Clients, Society, and Employees. We support our clients to become a vital part of their success.
Suggestion: To become a model for excellence in service and to be well-respected by clients, employees, and the community. To become a foundation for our clients’ success now and in the future.


We run our business while keeping in mind the key values that make us committed to what we do and feel the value of the responsibility we hold for each of our clients. The core values that we believe in are:

  • Creativity – If it is not creative, we don’t bother spending time on it
  • Excellence – We strive to stand out from the rest through unique approaches
  • Integrity – We work hard to create solutions, but we work harder to build trust
  • Passion – We develop your I.T solutions as if they were ours
  • Simplicity – We design smart solutions that are easy to manage
  • Transparency – We put it all on the table to reach mutual understanding

Our Motto

Being the top I.T. Service provider is a right for everybody, but staying on top, is exclusively ours.